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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley today. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. one day closer to the weekend. we've got a big weekend coming up. this morning you want to give yourself plenty of extra time. yeah, a little drizzle out there, some mist as well that could slow you down on the way to work. 50 degrees in san jose, 49 in livermore, a mild start will make way to a gorgeous afternoon. then we're talking rain and a big time warm-up. so we'll sort that out for you, first 6:00 a.m., we want to talk to mike. you got a crash? >> we do. and a crash, a single car involved and it's at an off ramp. mist putting those together, you'll want to consider those. southbound 680, the off ramp, a single car went off of the roadway now. off to the shoulder.
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watch crews will arrive and have to help the car back on the roadway. no injuries reported. no slowing for 680, 101 and 880 starting to show the build. >> thank you very much. 6:01. thousands of kaiser hospital workers will walk off the job over contract disputes. christie smith joins us live in oakland where the state's biggest hospital group is staging a one-day nurse strike. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these workers are expected to walk off the job in one hour. in fact, some of the union workers are starting to show up now at the kaiser location in oakland. i spoke with a manager who said that they are ready, they got a 10-day notice from the union that this one-day strike would be happening over a contract dispute that involves mental health and optical employees. this morning at kaiser on west mcarthur there is tape and barriers so people who need care can get by.
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during the last strike they had large crowds out here. and this could be big because two other unions including the california nurses association have agreed to go ahead and strike in sympathy. for kaiser this is the second strike in four months over proposed cuts to health and benefits according to the union. a spokesperson told me, though, that clinics and hospitals will be open. >> are you fully staffed? >> we brought in traveler nurses that are coming from other areas to provide care for our patients today. and we have managers and some supervisors who are providing care as well. >> reporter: according to a union website this morning, these walkouts will be happening at kaiser locations all over the bay area, that spokesperson tells me in at northern california he thinks this will include about 6,000 workers, starts at 7:00 this morning but the hospital says that there
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will be no lockout on their part so it should just last one day. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. back to you. >> thank you. 6:03 now. the 15-year-old oakland boy accused of killing his parents will be arraigned. prosecutors announced they will prosecute the teen as an adult. the boy is accused of killing 55-year-old robert kamin and 50-year-old susan poff on friday. the couple adopted the former foster child nine years ago. co-workers say they had been having difficulty with the teen over how much time he was spending at the occupy oakland encampment. >> the man accused of killing a police officer will be in court today. henry albert smith jr. will have a preliminary hearing date set. he is accused of killing officer james ku.
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>> walnut creek police are increasing patrols. more officers some undercover will be on the streets saturday starting thursday. police arrested nine people for fitding at clubs. one man was beaten and officers suffered minor injuries trying to break up the fights. a plan to give city leaders more control over downtown bars and restaurants is also being considered. >> this morning milpitas police are considering criminal charges against a contractor after a gruesome accident at a construction site. a worker was buried alive. bob redell is live in milpitas with how this all happened. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. milpitas police have not indicated yet whether or not they will be filing criminal charges against the contractor who has been building a small mansion in the gated community behind me here on the hill of milpitas. this is where a worker was crushed to death saturday
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afternoon. the man, a 37-year-old carpenter doing woodwork in a 12-foot deep trench dug into a hillside, when a wall of mud collapsed on top of him. the ground was so unstable it wasn't until late last night that the coroner was able to remove his body. the city of milpitas tells us that no one should have been in the trench because last wednesday the building department issued a stop work notice. because of recent rains and the lack of shoring made that hillside too dangerous. the city tells us that the contractor, u.s.-sino investment out of fremont, ignored the order. we have not heard back from the owner of the company who happens to be out of the country. cal osha expects to have results of the investigation in about four to six months. reporting live here in milpitas, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it is 6:05. a former bay area journalist has become the latest captive of somali pirates.
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michael scott moore was reportedly abducted over the weekend. moore was traveling in central somalia researching a book on pirates. his captors threatened to kill him if the ransom is not paid. 6:06. voting is under way in florida this morning. more than half a million florida voters cast their ballots early and exit polls show mitt romney leading 2-1. most polls show romney with a double digit lead. romney bombarded florida with mostly negative ads leading up to today's election. >> he has been trying to go after me for one thing or the other. you watch it and shake your head. it has been painfully revealing. >> we'll beat money power with people power. we are going to go all the way to the convention. >> republican leaders worry about electability and who can win in november.
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a gallup poll has romney tied with president obama in battle ground states, gingrich loses to the president by 14 points. >> san ma reason community center will be closed because after water main break. the times reports that the pipe burst around noon. crews should finish the repairs and everything back to normal tomorrow. >> outrage over a plan to place houses of parking meters in some san francisco neighborhoods has forced the city back to the drawing table. muni wanted to put up 5,000 meter meters but residents objected. transit leaders say they will gather more information before they move forward. >> a little information when it comes to the forecast. >> i think it was a pretty good job. you both look great. oh, thank you. you can get by with the short
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sleeves under the jacket. you probably need that until 9:00, 10:00. but we're going to see a comfortable day like yesterday. give that heater a break as temperatures climb into the mid-60s inland and the low 60s by the water. temperatures are mild, mostly in the 50s. hour by hour forecast shows you mostly cloudy through 8:00 a.m. by noon temperatures in the upper 50s at the coast and inland, and round out the day at 4:00 p.m. with comfortable conditions, temperatures in the mid-60s. so for today in the south bay 65 in san jose. if you like these numbers, you'll really like what we have in store as we head through the weekend. also a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. we'll tell you when. first want to get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> folks around the south bay, scott mcgrew is interested in this. bay front expressway off of that area. and heading over to willow.
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the public offering, they are offering you a delay because there is an accident there, no injuries reported but this is, again, highway 84 at bayfront expressway. it's in the second lane so this would be for folks heading down willow to 101. there may be slowing as you get off of the dumbarton bridge and passing by so keep that in mind. the rest of the peninsula moves pretty smoothly. my maps will show you this flow up and down through this area and no major delays. we're looking toward the east shore freeway. no major pafrps for slowing but speeds are coming down below 60 in many spots. coming off of the area past hercules as we see that as a typical spot. pretty much average, about 55 through the area. highway 4, slow through antioch, bay point coming next. >> thank you. 6:09. coming up on "today in the bay,"
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governor brown is taking heat for a new proposal. >> oakland there, jean kwan is planning her next move against the violent occupy protest. who she wants to talk to about it. >> for the latest news, weather, traffic, find us on bo o
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nbc bay area. >> a good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside. activity already picking up out there as we take a live look in the south bay this morning. it's 6:12. >> oakland mayor jean quan will try a new tactic in dealing with protesters. the mayor will ask leaders to intervene with the local demonstrators.
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the mayor says the latest violence this weekend was the result after splinter group. the city may ask the courts to impose a stay away order. 400 people were arrested saturday night. >> also in oakland leaders will vote on how many jobs they have to cut as a result of lost redevelopment funding. last week city workers showed up in the council meeting to fight to keep their jobs. 2500 people received layoff notices though less than 100 are expected to actually lose their jobs. >> 6:13 now. homeless activists are raising red flags over san francisco's plan to ban camping in parts of the city. the board will meet to discuss a proposal to ban camping at both harvey melling and the castro district. the plan would require a permit to pitch a tent. advocates say it targets the homeless and is unnecessary because of an existing state law. >> one of three marines accused of hazing a marine before he committed suicide settled on a
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plea bargain with prosecutors. lance corporal harry lu shot himself with his machine gun april 3. three marines were accused of beating him for falling asleep while on duty. yesterday one admitted to pun wering and kicking lu. he will serve 30 days and drop in rank to private first class. >> a threat to the lives of shelter animals has a lot of people upset. governor brown wants to repeal a 1998 law that requires shelters to hold dogs and cats for at least four days before they are euthanized. the new rules would allow shelters to destroy the animals after 72 hours. more than 5200 people signed an online petition against the rollback. the governor's office says it's a matter of money. keeping the animals alive longer costs the state about $23 million a year. >> 6:14. experts say get rid of standing water near your home. the warm winter weather may increase the number of
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mosquitoes carrying the deadly west nile virus. this as bay area agencies lose a critical weapon to keep the mosquito population low. there are new restrictions on a fogging pesticides. vector specialists say there is no testified low volume spraying harms people. they are worried the virus could spread if the mosquito population is not kept under control. >> time to check the forecast. another nice day on tap. >> we've got a great one. i saw a few mosquitoes i was smacking yesterday. what i can tell you we are going to get a little rain tomorrow morning so you want to eliminate standing accumulating water especially the sprinklers get left on because yeah, it's been warm. our dew points have been way up, it feels almost tropical out there. full deck of clouds and we're going to see more of the same. but this afternoon i guarantee it we'll see more sunshine than we did yesterday. 49 in oakland. you are 51 in sunnyvale, plenty of 50s and 40s across the board.
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a few clouds, high and mid level. we have a full deck of low clouds so keep that in mind. throughout the day today, we'll see pretty nice conditions. cloudy start becoming sunny by wednesday, a little bit of a.m. fog and drizzle. i'll show you where we'll see showers. let's stop the clock on future cast at 1:00 a.m. a few showers moving into sonoma county. as you can see, area to the north of the golden gate bridge will likely get the action. we're going to stay high and dry from san jose to palo alto. one cell left, then it blows out of here and a nice sunny finish. so, more of the same for tomorrow, just going to see more clouds a little drizzle. 65 degrees in san jose. 66 in milpitas, about 64 degrees in walnut creek and 63 in alame alameda. gorgeous in wine country after we lose the cloud cover by about noon. tomorrow morning, wednesday, the stray shower or two will come to a close by noon. thursday the warm-up is on after
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68 degrees on friday, 70 degrees inland. way above average for this time of year for the first weekend of february. super bowl sunday, get those barbecue -- what do you call those -- skewers, get those ready. it's going to be nice. just like last year. let's check the drive with mike. >> skewers and tongs. over to the south bay we have a nice flow of traffic. the earlier accident, that has cleared but again, mist may still play a factor until more cars have a chance to dry them out. show you the volume for 87 into downtown, we do have a good number of headlights. good spacing between the cars. that will continue to build. we should see some of that coming into downtown. a look toward the peninsula, 101 moves as well as 280 between the city and the south bay.
6:18 am
getting there from the dumbarton bridge we have the accident over to willow, one lane is blocked or from the original report. we'll get an update. we have 92 not showing a problem at 101. a little slowing toward 280. that usually pops up about now. more are hitting the road. expect a lot of company. highway 92, across the san mateo bridge, there is your direction heading to the peninsula and a smooth drive. no delays here or across the bay bridge. we do have a little congestion around the berkeley curve. speeds close to the limit from richmond to emeryville. we'll show you the approach out of the altamont pass. a little slowing there. 19 minutes the bulk of the
6:19 am
slowing into livermore and speeds on average about 40 through livermore, pleasanton in the 50s. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:18 now. san francisco mayor ed lee will break ground on a new cruise terminal in san francisco all in preparation for the upcoming america's cup. the mayor will be at the new james r. herman terminal. the terminal will be an 88,000 square foot, two-floor facility. the cup will be in 2013. it is expected to bring in millions of people and more than a billion to the bay area. >> some parents are complaining. the large us buses carry google employees to the mountain view headquarters but the buses stop in bike lanes, then workers fill up the sidewalk, that forces kids on bikes to ride in the street to get around them. police say they are working to solve the problem by having
6:20 am
google buses pull into a parking lot. >> looks like dennis allen adding to staff. allen offered the offensive coordinator job, the houston texans coach greg knapp. al saunders is still under contract with the raiders. >> super bowl week getting rolling but the giants and patriots take cart. it usually turns into part interview and part freak show. >> for the first time it's selling tickets so fans can watch from the stands. >> you can watch foal 46 here on nbc bay area. >> where? >> nbc bay area. >> coming up, sonoma county could place a moratorium on ineyard projects. question wome symbolic questions. claer clear s.
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>> welcome back at 6:23. sour grapes this morning among some wine growers in sonoma county. >> at a meeting the board of supervisors will consider a four-month moratorium on vineyard projects that require removing trees. the county is concerned clear cutting will make the area more vulnerable to slides and erosion. the moratorium would give the county more time to come up with new regulations.
6:24 am
some wine makers are angry with the plan and the fact they were not consulted. >> stanford university is getting a massive donation from one of the biggest magazines in the world. cosmopolitan editor helen gurley brown is giving $30 million. the money will create a media lab. brown's donations are in honor of her late husband who graduated from both schools. >> with facebook filing around the corner business reporters have a big question. >> it is symbolic. what symbol will facebook use on the stock market? google is goog. netflix is nflx. it's almost certainly going to be fb but here are a couple of possibilities put together. you would think face would be pretty good but that's already taken by a medical company. this next one looks wrong. then poke is available.
6:25 am
that would be funny. as is like. of course there is zuck. it used to be the only way to get a four-letter symbol was trading on the nasdaq. that is no longer true. the new york stock exchange now allows four letters. used to be the cool companies went to the nasdaq almost by default but that's no longer the case. one of the recent ipos is zynga trading above $10 a share. so people who bought after the ipo are finally in the black this morning. this guy, you know who he is, joe green, he was one of mark zuckerberg's roommates who helped with some of the original projects. he would have been one of the original partners but he said no thank you. zuckerberg and green got into trouble for coming up with a website that compared girls based on hotness. joe said he was tired of getting in trouble with harvard.
6:26 am
his dad advised him to stay away from mark zuckerberg, he's bad news. he started a company called causes, he does wonderful things and has no regrets. >> i have a question. who does zuckerberg get to decide for the nasdaq? the symbol. >> you get to choose your own symbol. we were almost certain it's going to be fb. it would be fun if it were like. >> or poke. >> interesting where it goes money wise. >> still to come on "today in the bay," a south san francisco factory is expected to get a big fine from the federal government. we'll tell you why. >> you'll see picket lines outside of kaiser permanente hospitals today. a like report coming up next. >> and i'm consistently measuring hotness on my facebook page in terms of temperatures of course. if you like that you'll love
6:27 am
what we have in store this weekend. >> the north bay, not for 101, 37 a little bit. we'll show you where there is muchslor mg owe [ mom ] hey guys.
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>> reporter: in 30 minutes thousands of kaiser permanente workers are expected to walk off the job across the bay area. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what the strike is about coming up. >> reporter: i'm bob redell with why a deadly construction accident in the south bay is garnering the attention of police. that story coming up. >> also a bay area company will get a big fine today for an accident that sent 17 people to the hospital. we'll have details. >> a live look from the east bay this morning. we'll check to see if that morning commute is picking up on this tuesday, january 31, "today in the bay."
6:30 am
>> good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. 6:29. seconds away from 6:30. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. we want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's a little slick out there this morning. we have mist and some drizzle. give yourself plenty of time. look where your temperatures are. upper 40s, low 50s, that means your teeth will not be chattering as you make your way to the car but you want to give yourself extra time. let's see how the roads are with mike inouye. >> pretty standard tuesday. we have seen a couple of spin-outs and that may be because of the drizzle. keep that in mind as you hit the off ramps especially. looking at 21-minute drive, the volume is enough to make the metering lights be turned on at the toll plaza so you have your backup forming there. and the oakland shot, i want to show it again because the volume
6:31 am
is the issue. some slowing in most typical spots including the nimitz freeway. speeds close to 55. >> thank you, mike. 6:31. this morning thousands of workers are walking off the job at hospitals state wide. christie smith is live in oakland where kaiser nurses are staging a one-day strike. good morning. are you seeing them gather around about now? >> reporter: well, the job action starts in about 30 minutes. a couple of workers are starting to show up. i had a chance to speak with one. he tells me that this comes down to cuts to their health and retirement benefits. and also to patient care. a spokesperson for kaiser says they are ready for this. they got a 10-day notice from the workers union that this job action would take place today over a contract dispute with mental health and optical workers. kaiser has tapes and barriers up
6:32 am
at their oakland location. they tell me to try the keep the sidewalk clear for patients. last time they had a strike there was a pretty big crowd. the union has support from the nurses association and another union that will strike in sympathy. for kaiser it's the second strike they had to teal with since september. they have hired replacement workers for this, both now and in september. and it's very expensive. here's how a union worker responded. >> kaiser's mission is to care for the working public. and if one of us bleeds we all bleed. kaiser has had a long history of being favorable union employer, and we feel that the current leadership has strayed far away from the core values. >> reporter: i asked those workers which locations would be affected and they said pretty much all of the locations across the bay area and northern
6:33 am
california. they estimate that it could include about 10,000 workers. again, kaiser has replacement workers in place and they tell me all clinics and hospitals will be open for service. reporting live in oakland. christie smith. back to you. >> thank you, christie. 6:33. a suspect accused of killing a vallejo police officer will make an appearance. henry albert smith jr. will have a preliminary hearing date set. he is accused of killing an officer last november. the 19-year veteran was fatally shot after chasing the robbery suspect. smith has pleaded not guilty to charges including murdering a police officer. >> a teacher in a south bay elementary school will be in court today answering to charges of sexually assaulting two children. craig chandler taught second and third grade in san jose. prosecutors say he molested two students on school grounds between august and october of last year. chandler will be arraigned this
6:34 am
morning. >> 6:33. south bay construction site is blocked off after a worker is buried alive. bob redell is live in milpitas this morning. we understand there were warnings sent out before this even happened. >> reporter: yes, the worker wasn't supposed to be on this site or that specific site. part of the site, good morning to you, that's one reason why police are considering a charge. criminal charges against the contractor who is building a small mansion in the calaveras ridge estates community. this is where a worker was crushed to death saturday afternoon. the man a 37-year-old carpenter, had been doing some wood work in a 12-foot deep trench when a wall of mud collapsed on him. the ground was so unstable it wasn't until late last night that the coroner was able to remove his body. the city tells us that no one should have been in the trench to begin with.
6:35 am
last week wednesday the building department issued a stop work notice because of recent rains and a lack of shoring that made the hillside too dangerous. >> stopped the work and don't do construction. apparently they ignored that stop work notice. >> reporter: and the they that he is referring to is the contractor, u.s. sino investment. we tried to reach the owner. he hasn't returned our calls. he is apparently out of the country. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> 6:35 now. new this morning rescuers called off the search for bodies in the "costa concordia" permanently. conditions inside the ship are now too dangerous for divers. the ship ran aground off the coast of italy on january 13. crews found a total of 17 bodies. 15 people including an american couple are missing.
6:36 am
>> a san francisco company will be fined. columbus foods has agreed to pay $700,000 in penalties and $6 million the update the refrigeration system. the fines stem from a 2009 incident where clouds of ammonia gas were released when a refrigeration unit failed. 17 people were hospitalized. >> 6:36. want to get a look at the forecast and meteorologist christina loren in our new weather center. >> good morning. always a little easier to get up and get out the door when it's not frigid. and this morning we're running rather mild compared to our norms for low temperatures. 49 in concord, 49 in oakland, another hour of cool before we hit our lows. the coldest point of the day around sunrise. 45 degrees in fairfield. as you set your futurecast in motion, 7:00 a.m. you can see the cloudy sky. we continue to about 10:00 a.m. when the sun will come out. we're going to get three or four
6:37 am
consistent hours of sunshine, then clouds will roll in. ahead of an area that's slated to bring us light precipitation especially in the north bay tomorrow. 59 at the coast, at 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home, only 4 degrees of separation by the water and inland with the fully cloudy sky. coming up i'm going to tell you what cities have the chance to see showers and we're going to talk p your super bowl sunday forecast when temperatures climb. that's all coming up. >> we'll take folks over to livermore, 580 westbound. we have your typical pattern, slowing throughout the valley into pleasanton. 23 minutes. no other incidents so we have a pleasant drive despite the slower speeds. nothing to disrupt the flow right now. a smooth drive through castro valley. look at this northbound, good slowing here, speeds below 30,
6:38 am
in the 20s as you travel up to 880. 880 to the san mateo bridge. across the bay we're looking at the earlier accident off of the dumbarton bridge. it has cleared, this was in front of facebook moving toward willow. looks like things are clear. i'll watch to make sure there are no delays. we'll send it back to you until then >> thank you, mike. >> 6:38. still ahead on "today in the bay," a song that blaired on boom boxes across america in the 80s is causing trouble for newt gingrich. we'll tell you why. >> find out how gingrich is faring in very early results from the florida primary. we'll have a live report. hey guys, breakfast!
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>> welcome back everyone. 6:41 right now. voting has been under way for hours in florida. mitt romney is expected to run away with a winner take all primary. some polls do show newt gingrich closely gaining on romney. tracie potts joins us live in tampa with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the voting is under way. we've already started to see some coming in from hillsborough county, from orange county up in the orlando area, both by the way, areas that mitt romney lost four years ago but is running strong in this state this year. apparently according to the exit
6:42 am
polls 2-1 over newt gingrich, for the half million floridians, republicans, who voted early in this state. so newt gingrich has got some ground to make up. the polls showing him behind by double digits, most of them. there were a couple of polls when he was behind only 5 or 7 points so it will be interesting if the voting under way follows that. what made a difference in this state was the advertising. newt gingrich was outspent 4-1 by romney and his super pac. that seems to have had an impact. today as they head to the polls floridians need to answer the question, which one of these candidates is best suited to beat barack obama? gallup found the it was today it would be mitt romney who would come closest to beating obama. gingrich behind 14 points. >> interesting to see where we
6:43 am
go. thank you, tracie. 6:42. still ahead, thousands of hospital employees will hit the picket lines around the bay area. a live report coming up. >> the latest housing numbers, you can guess which way they are going.ey [ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess.
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a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> good morning. welcome back. 6:45. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. we've got a little bit of fog and drizzle. give yourself plenty of time. the the roads are slick. a live look over san jose. still dark as we normally have more sunlight at this time. it's mostly cloudy. give yourself extra time. we've got a nice second half of the day. temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s. headed toward the 60s.
6:46 am
you can see we have clouds on the way, an area of low pressure slated to bring us rainfall. as we wake up tomorrow morning. but that window for showers, it's going to be short lived. in fact, starting about 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. that's it. and we're only expecting light precipitation mostly north of the golden gate bridge. fog and drizzle tomorrow but a sunny finish, stop the clock at 3:00 a.m. you see the showers moving into sonoma county south to marin. most of that activity will stay to the north of the golden gate bridge. a stray shower in places like san mateo a possibility tomorrow morning. today, look at the temperatures. we're starting out mild. even with limited sunshine it's going to be comfortable. 65 in san jose. 65 in dublin and by the water with the cloud cover, keeping temperatures nice and uniform. san rafael today, 61 degrees and 58 degrees in bodega bay. three-day forecast tells the story. 62 degrees by wednesday.
6:47 am
a stray shower or two. even with that cloud cover, most coming through we're going to hold on to the 60s. then we warm up. thursday, friday, saturday, up to 70 degrees. comfortable for the weekend. the big game perfect barbecue weather. monday, partly cloudy, the upper 60s. let's check the drive at 6:47. >> the south bay, you guys are going to see slowing. typical spots, no big surprises. northbound 101. 87 showing speeds in the 40s as well. and the 30s as you come up capital to curtner into downtown. slowing here, we'll see these turn yellow for northbound 85 as well. 237, slowing over to zenker and toward 101 for the westbound commute direction. also more slowing into sunol out of pleasanton. we have folks out of livermore and the tri-valley moving over, 84 or through the dublin interchange. then converning here.
6:48 am
pleasanton, speeds in the 40s here as well. that's why we see the yellow. speeds below 50 through the stretch. a look at the bay, crossing the bay, san mateo bridge, moves nicely. a smooth flow of traffic here. but the volume, steady flow over to the peninsula. no incidents, speeds in the 50s across the bridge. other side we have a nice flow close to the limit for 101 and 280. 92 through san mateo still speeds in the 50s with the yellow. still through the san mateo hills and approaching the bay bridge, 25 minutes off of the carquinez bridge to the toll lights. >> thank you, mike. 6:48. health care workers at one of the hospital rupe groups get ready to walk off the job. christie smith joins us in oakland where thousands of nurses across the bay area are staging this one-day strike. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some of those workers are starting to show up now getting ready, you see that tent there
6:49 am
across the street, this job action starts in about 10 minutes. there are quite a few security guards. a spokesman tells me they are ready, they hired replacement workers to fill in so the hospital will be open. this is over a contract dispute with mental health and optical workers with support from two other unions including the california nurses association. they have about 17,000 members. a spokesperson for one of the unions says in northern california they are thinking about 11,000 workers might walk off the job. for kaiser, this is the second strike in four months but a spokesperson tells me there will be no lock-out. that it should just last for one day. reporting live, christie smith. back to you. >> thanks. 6:49. oakland mayor jean kwan is pulling out all of the stops to
6:50 am
protect the city from protesters. in the latest move she plans to talk to leaders of the national occupy movement and ask them to talk to their oakland counterparts. the city is looking for a way to keep violent protesters out of the city through stay away orders. violators would be subject to jail time and fines. >> council is to vote on how many jobs to cut. city workers showed up at the meeting last week hoping to save their jobs. 2500 employees received layoff notices earlier. less than 100 are expected to lose their jobs. >> a teen boy accused of murder his parents is scheduled to appear in an oakland courtroom. the 15-year-old suspected of killing the couple friday. police found the bodies of robert kamin and susan poff outside their home. the teen was adopted as a foster child nine years ago and appeared to change from playing
6:51 am
violent video games and hanging out at oakland camps. >> they got him at 6. he had been in foster homes. he escaped from his original parents like when he was about as young as 3 years old. >> the district attorney's office says the teen is expected to be arraigned as an adult. >> 6:51. berkeley police are offering a $17,000 reward for information leading to the arrest in the city's first homicide of the year. kenneth warn was shot to death. officers say it was not a random shooting. but they have not made arrests or confirmed a motive. after a weekend of drunken violence walnut creek police say they will increase weekend patrols in the downtown area. more officers will be on the streets thursday, friday and saturday nights, some of them under cover. the move is in response to weekend violence that ended in nine arrests. one man was severely beaten and
6:52 am
officers suffered injuries trying to break up fights. >> pleasanton police are getting ready to make a sacrifice for their cash strapped city. officers will attend the council meeting to show support for a new contract between the police and the city. it reduces contributions to police pension plans by about $2.4 million. some higher ranking officers could pay almost $900 more per month. >> 6:52. this morning investigators are looking into a tragic accident at a construction site. a man was buried alive. bob is live in milpitas. workers weren't supposed to be there when this happened. >> reporter: not according to a city order and because of that, milpitas police is now considering criminal charges though they haven't indicate whd they will charge the contractor who has been building this small
6:53 am
mansion. this is where a worker was crushed to death. we don't know his name but he was 37, a carpenter, doing woodwork in a 12-foot deep trench. dug into a hillside when a wall of mud slacollapsed. the city of milpitas tells us that no one should have been in the trench to begin with. last wednesday building department issue add stop work notice because of rains and the lack of shoring that made the hillside dangerous. but the city said that the contractor out of fremont ignored that order. we have not heard back from the ownerment we understand he might be out of the country. cal osha will begin an investigation that they tell us will take four to six months. >> bob, thanks. san francisco city leaders are
6:54 am
suing two markets. they say the stores are havens for drug dealers and shoplifters who resell stolen goods from a walgreen's. the suit claims drug dealers are ayou lowed to conduct business inside and outside of the two markets. a worker at one denies these claims. >> police are looking into a rare home invasion in a bay area neighborhood. an armed robber stole more than $300,000 of watches and jewelry from an atherton road on friday night. the owners were home but unheard after recording $100 in cash. the police are looking for the robber. >> a massive fire destroyed the homes of hundreds in a slum overnight in india. the fire consumed some 300 shanties, people could see the flames and smoke for miles. despite the size, authorities say no one was hurt or killed.
6:55 am
investigators are looking into the cause. >> the "today" show is coming up. here is ann curry to show me what they are working on. >> good morning. coming up on "today," voter head to the poll for today's primary in florida. mitt romney holds a sizable lead. herman cain who just endorsed newt gingrich in the race. also ahead, a woman stalked by the same man since middle school gets justice after 19 years. she'll share her story. then a new interview withening king harry. how do you break up with a friend, we'll talk about that and more. those stories and matthew broderick reprises his classic role as ferris bueller for a new super bowl ad. we'll give you a sneak peek as we get started on a tuesday morning here on "today." >> thank you very much. 6:55 now.
6:56 am
u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton will meet with the united nations security council to talk about syria. clinton will join british and french foreign ministers to push a condismiss nation of the regime. the arab league is asking the security council to support its plan for assad to transfer powers and prepare for free re-elections. rebels have been rebelling against the leader for ten months. >> a rivalry dies hard in new york. the man faces charges for this, crashing his jeep into a pizza shop sign. he was mad, the sign mocked his parents' old business. >> newt gingrich is getting sued for using a hit 80s tune on the campaign trail. ♪
6:57 am
>> it's going to be in your head all day. the composer of the hit "eye of the tiger" suing to stop gingrich from using the song. lawyers say gingrich should be well aware of copyright laws since he earned nearly a million dollars for his book. back on the streets. 6:57. new this morning, scott mcgrew has fresh housing data just in. >> good morning to you there, marla. more discouraging news on the housing market. case schiller reports on 20 cities show home prices fell in 19 of them. san francisco, home prices fell almost 2%. down 5.5% for the year, that's an improvement over last months report. keep in mind case schiller considers san francisco's market to be oakland, san francisco, but not san jose. markets higher a day after an
6:58 am
historic if not complete deal in europe. funny video as the muppets make fun of fox news. 25 countries signed off on the deal. england said no, the czech republic said we'll get back ta you even though it signed off in december. part of the eu but neither one uses the euro. >> interesting. >> i'm still dancing to "eye of the dyinger." >> first have to get to the forecast. >> we've got really comfortable conditions. give yourself plenty of time. over cast and drizzle out there. we're going to lose the cloud cover by about noon, the sun will be out. the clouds will roll back in and we'll be tracking showers tomorrow morning. let's check your drive at 6:58. >> traffic and weather hand in hand, talk about the low clouds,
6:59 am
where we go above the hills. from sunol into fremont. slowing might be in order because there may be mist conditions into the south bay. slowing for 85, here, as you come north into san jose. a lot of cars and low clouds may be annish yaw over the morning. that's not highway 87, folks getting on, i think the curve area, but no major surprises for this. this is a tradition for the south bay. you find it in many spots now for 85 from 17 up into cupert o cupertino. that may be early for the slowdown. back to you. >> so pretty with it's lights when you're not in. thanks for joining you. we'll be back with a local update for you at 7:25.


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